Nursing Memorial Appeal

Women in the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VADs)

The early days and the Great War

by Sue Light

There had been concern ever since 1902 and the end of the war in South Africa, that in the event of another war the medical and nursing services wouldn't be able to cope sufficiently. There was always a fundamental problem that the peacetime needs of a standing army, in relation to medical care, were very small and specific, and to find thousands of trained and experienced personnel at very short notice, without the expense of maintaining them in peacetime, was a difficult problem to overcome. R. B. Haldane's new Territorial scheme of 1907 solved some of those problems, and opened up new possibilities of co-operation between voluntary agencies and the Army, and on the 16th August 1909 the War Office issued its 'Scheme for the Organisation of Voluntary Aid in England and Wales,' which set up  Voluntary Aid Detachments to fill certain gaps in the territorial medical services, with a similar scheme for Scotland following in December 1909. By early 1914, more than 1700 (1757) female detachments had been registered with the War Office.

They consisted of a Commandant, a Medical Officer, a Quartermaster, and twenty-two women, two of whom were to be trained nurses, although even finding one could be difficult in some rural areas, so this was reviewed and altered in 1910 to just one trained nurse.

Pre-war, the Detachments varied in how seriously they took their responsibilities. Some were ill-equipped, poorly managed and staffed, and put in only a minimum of effort to meet the standards required by the Territorial County Associations. Others were intent on being as prepared as possible for a role that they might never be called upon to fulfil. The detachments were intended for home service - just in the United Kingdom - to staff auxiliary hospitals and rest stations. They were to receive no payment or salary for these duties - 'voluntary' was the vital word.

Detachments had to meet at least once a month, with many meeting as often as weekly, and women had to work towards gaining certificates in Home Nursing and First Aid within twelve months of joining, and they learned to bandage, to do simple dressings, and the basics of invalid cookery and hygiene. In some areas it was arranged for them to go into local hospitals for a few hours each week to gain an insight into ward work, and due to the low number of men being recruited in certain places, women could also gain experience in outdoor activities, stretcher duties, the transport of sick and wounded and improvisation with whatever came to hand.

The women who joined Detachments were a mixture - a wide range of ages and with different sorts of life skills, but as a group they were very much defined by being middle or upper middle-class. And middle-class not by today's standards, whereby almost everyone calls themselves middle-class, but they were the daughters of local gentry, landowners, army officers, the clergy, and professional men, and also included a good sprinkling of women with an aristocratic background. The majority were young women who had never had any paid employment, and of those who eventually went on to wartime service more than three-quarters had either never worked outside the home, or had done work which qualified them for payment of a minor nature. Generally speaking, women of their class were not expected to work - they moved from their parents' home into marriage and running a home of their own, and if they remained single then they would in all likelihood eventually take responsibility for the care of their elderly parents. One VAD, the daughter of a Yorkshire lawyer, explained:

Irene Rathbone wrote an autobiographical novel about her life and war service called 'We that Were Young,' and in the introduction to this book, Elizabeth Delafield wrote in 1931:

Home life, particularly in rural areas, must have been stifling for intelligent young women, and the chance to get away, if only for a few hours a week, and make new friends and acquire new skills, would have been a real attraction. This 'breakaway' was often found acceptable by parents, as it was considered that the new knowledge would serve the women well in their future lives - to know the basics of home nursing, first aid and invalid cookery would always be useful for the well-rounded wife and mother.

For some women, the chance of a few days away at summer camp alongside members of the Territorial Force, was an occasion to remember for a lifetime - or it might have been, if something rather bigger hadn't come along. Those women probably never thought in 1909 that within a very short time they would be experiencing things that few women had ever experienced before, and not many ever would again. They were on the brink of something quite unique.

When war came, the Red Cross and Auxiliary hospitals, already prepared, sprung up rapidly in church halls, public buildings and private houses, accommodating anything from ten patients to more than a hundred. Many of the men were the less seriously wounded and convalescents transferred from larger military hospitals. The proportion of trained nurses in the units was small, and much of the basic work was the responsibility of the VADs - they cleaned, scrubbed and dusted, set trays, cooked breakfasts; they lit fires and boiled up coppers full of washing - these were things many of them had never even witnessed before, let alone taken part in. They also helped to dress, undress and wash the men - which was of course a step even further for young women who may never have been alone and unchaperoned with a member of the opposite sex before, other than their brothers. But it was their strong sense of patriotism and the need to help the war effort that gave them the maturity and common sense to succeed in these difficult areas.

During wartime, the VAD organisation was administered by the Joint War Committee of the British Red Cross Society and St. John of Jerusalem and run from Devonshire House in Piccadilly, loaned for the War by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Its palatial rooms became a myriad of offices that dealt with recruiting, training, and managing the staff of hundreds of VAD and auxiliary hospitals at home, and sending staff to hospitals overseas. Many new recruits to the service would have trodden the corridors there, to be interviewed, measured and kitted out ready to be added to the ever-growing ranks, the ranks which doubled during the course of the war. To try and quote statistics and numbers is very hard, as every source seems to suggest a different figure. There were about 50,000 women involved in the movement immediately before the war, some in a very minor role - we know that about 10,000 served in hospitals under the direction of the War Office and 8,000 VADs served overseas. It is thought that in total somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000 women served as VADs at some time during the war, although some for very short periods.

If the war had been a short one, and a small one, perhaps the military nursing services would have managed without additional help. But by early 1915 it was already evident that there were not enough trained nurses to keep the British military hospitals staffed, and the War Office agreed that VADs could be employed in the large military hospitals at home to augment the trained staff, and by early summer of that year, 1915, in overseas hospitals as well. It was not a universally popular move, with much wariness and mistrust on behalf of some of the trained staff, but the meeting and the mixing of the two groups was inevitable.

Many trained nurses didn't want to work alongside the amateur nurse in wartime - there was a feeling among them that patriotism was no substitute for professionalism, and this made life difficult for the VAD, although on the other hand, there were VADs who were in no way suited to nursing, and some who wanted the status and glory of war service, but simply had no aptitude for practical work.

For employment in military hospitals as nursing VADs, i.e. hospitals under the direction of the War Office, women had usually worked for at least six months initially in a hospital under the control of the Joint War Committee. In those hospitals they did not get paid, although if living away from home would get board and lodging provided. On transfer to hospitals under War Office control, they were initially paid £20 a year, with allowances for uniform, board and lodging, laundry, fuel and light and further amounts if serving overseas, which in total added up to at least £115 a year in payment or kind. However, the vast majority of women who served during the Great War were not working in these military hospitals; they were in smaller VAD and auxiliary units, and therefore the whole of their service was unpaid. It's also true that the majority did not work throughout the war, with some leaving after a just a few weeks or months, but it's still hard to imagine many young women today working for nothing at all - to work for nothing, for up to four or five years was indeed a gift to the nation.

VADs sometimes considered that they were treated as little more than domestic staff, and given very little responsibility, but nursing had always been an onerous and difficult life. In the normal way, when a girl entered nurse training as a probationer she was well aware of what lay ahead, particularly in the early days.

But most VADs had never intended to become nurses before the war, and some were not prepared for the repetitive, mundane work, the discipline and petty rules which abounded in hospital. Neither were they, for the most part, women who were used to taking orders from others - some found it difficult for the 'mistress and servant' role to be reversed and occasionally saw their treatment as bullying, although they were being treated no differently from the average student nurse of the time.

In 1916, some humorous rules for VADs appeared in the hospital magazine of No.1 Eastern General Hospital, Cambridge, the first of which rather aptly read:

There were a number of complaints about the meanness of allowances - not being able to claim any travelling expenses when attending an initial interview or when going home on leave. In a complaint to Devonshire House one woman wrote:

Another, although she liked her work, could stay no longer at Queen Mary's Hospital in Whalley, Lancashire, as she felt the men were, in her words, 'far too free-making' and she was the subject of 'constant unwelcome attention'. It’s surprising that more women didn't feel the same, and most coped admirably with this new and unusual situation.

In all areas, the women were expected to see things and do things that they had never been expected to confront before. Things which few people would ever be expected to confront even once in their lifetime, let alone on a daily basis. In the beginning they cleaned and scrubbed, set trays and boiled eggs, and later moved on to help the trained nurses with dressings and treatments - viewing every bodily cavity never designed to be viewed from the outside. They learned to smile and accept mutilated faces without flinching or turning away; they learned to breathe through their mouths during the dressing round, to prevent the stench of gangrenous limbs overwhelming them. And often they did all this for no monetary reward. Their reward was knowing they were serving their country, as their brothers, their fathers and their friends were serving theirs. It was both their wish and their duty.

If, after six months' work in a home hospital, a woman's work and conduct were deemed suitable, she could apply for overseas service, although she normally had no choice over where she was to go. Despite the popular image of VADs as being very young, for overseas service they had to be between twenty-three and forty-two years of age, and there were many mature and married women among them. A few served in BRCS and St. John's hospitals overseas, but the majority in British military hospitals in France, Malta, Serbia, Salonika, Egypt, and on board hospital ships. They signed a contract with the War Office for six months at a time, and each was supplied with a 'Camp Kit' which included items such as a flat iron, an oil stove, a canvas wash-stand and a waterproof bucket. Before embarking they were given a message from their Commandant-in-Chief, which, echoing the similar soldiers' message, ended:

Duty, God and the King - those three things so important then, which supplied the only reason most women needed for undertaking wartime service in such faraway places.

Although there were complaints of being under-employed in some home hospitals, that was something rarely levelled at military hospitals overseas. Due to the lack of trained nurses who became increasingly thinly spread over more and more hospitals, the proportion of VADs grew larger, and the work assigned to them more responsible.

Of all the accounts written by women serving as nurses during the Great War, most were written by VADs, and in one, Olive Dent describes her arrival at No.9 General Hospital on the race-course at Rouen in 1916:

Luckily she does go on to add that within a month this sister was a good friend, and there had developed a mutual liking and respect. But pre-war training wasn't forgotten, and lucky the women who joined pre-war and had the advantage of learning in a controlled environment, rather than being thrust headlong into the whirlpool of hospital life with little experience. The instruction in improvisation proved useful, although the situations in which it was needed could not always have been anticipated. Olive Dent again:

Vera Brittain, while working at No.24 General Hospital in Etaples, wrote with emotion of her experiences nursing the sick and dying of the war. She wrote in late 1917:

Vera Brittain was one of the most well-known nurses of the Great War, and gave up her life as a student at Oxford University to become a VAD. She has become an iconic figure, and sometimes seen as almost the sole representative of Great War nurses, but in fact she was just one of thousands - thousands of well-bred, educated young women, to whom mustard gas and gangrene should never have entered their lives at all.

On a lighter note, here’s an extract from a diary written by a trained nurse, by a woman called Edith Appleton, born in Deal in 1871, the daughter of a Trinity Pilot, and who trained as a nurse at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. In her diary she gives a wonderful description of the VADs she worked with in France - perceptive and humorous, hopefully never unkind:

There was a popular image of the VAD during the war that represented her as an 'Angel' - postcards sent from the war zone showed her as a painfully pretty young woman, either gazing up into the eyes of a man in uniform, or else the man in uniform gazing up at her while she mopped his fevered brow. This image of course had its origins in fact, but VADs, despite their patriotism and devotion to duty, were of differing personalities, and had very different levels of tolerance to the conditions they found themselves in on war service - in fact they were a group of 'normal' women.

The Army considered itself 'in loco parentis' of women serving overseas - they felt they had a responsibility not only to the women they employed, but almost more importantly, to their parents or guardians. Considering there was no nurse working in military hospitals abroad under the age of 23, or should not have been, and many were well over thirty, the amount of care that was taken to ensure that the most rigorous moral standards were upheld was fairly extraordinary by our standards today.

Many VADs came from backgrounds which encouraged a confident and outgoing nature, and they were not necessarily cowed into submissiveness by the army machine, and some of them got into all sorts of trouble. Enid Bagnold, later famous for writing the book 'National Velvet', worked as a VAD at the Herbert Hospital, near her home in Woolwich. While there she wrote a wonderfully perceptive account of the hospital  (A Diary Without Dates; Enid Bagnold; William Heinemann, 1918), but it was so critical of the nursing hierarchy and the hospital administration that she was dismissed. In her autobiography  (Enid Bagnold's Autobiography; Enid Bagnold; William Heinemann, 1969), she describes the morning of publication of the book, and then being ordered to leave the hospital within half an hour of reporting for duty. She is so vicious in her criticism of the trained nurse, and yet it's a book so elegantly written that it's a sparkling account of a large hospital during the war.

In France, discipline was very tight, with nurses not being allowed any social interaction with men except that approved and chaperoned by their Matron or other senior nurse. But there were many occasions where women were disciplined after attending dances in Officers' messes or seen walking with soldiers on the beach or in the woods. The usual punishment for these offences was to be given the choice of either resigning, or transferring back to a home hospital in disgrace. So if you did want to sin, better to choose your time and place carefully. In January 1917 Rachel Crowdy, Principal Commandant of VADs in France, was at dinner in a hotel in Rouen when she saw two VADs in the same hotel dining-room - Maud McCarthy, the Matron-in-Chief in France relates in her war diary:

The result of this excursion was that Mrs Lloyd was advised to tender her resignation. And note that while it was fine for Miss Crowdy to dine out with two officers, Mrs. Lloyd was committing a mortal sin worthy of dismissal, while in another time and place she was quite likely more than the social equal of Rachel Crowdy.

It mustn't be forgotten that VADs’ contribution went far beyond nursing. The formation of the General Service section in 1917 saw hundreds of women taking over the jobs previously done by men in military hospitals, in order to release them for military service, and they worked as dispensers, clerks, cooks and servants and storewomen. And never to forget the VAD ambulance drivers, possibly doing the most arduous and potentially dangerous of all VAD work. Of fifteen Military Medals awarded to VADs during the war for bravery, four were to drivers, all for one incident in France in July 1918 - the citation reads:

And there were many VADs and helpers who never entered a hospital or nursed a soldier - those women who staffed War Hospital Supply Depots, rolling bandages, padding splints and preparing many different types of dressing to be sent to Red Cross Hospitals everywhere.

It can't be denied that there were difficulties surrounding VADs during the war. From the early days there was friction between them and the trained nursing staff; there was ongoing criticism from the nursing press who always saw them as a threat; they themselves sometimes found their surroundings uncongenial, unwelcoming and occasionally frightening.

And Lord Northcliffe wrote during a visit to France:

But these women were versatile and willing, self-sacrificing, and with a deep sense of patriotism and a range of skills and life experience not usually seen in military hospitals, and with stamina that surprised everybody, even themselves. They found comradeship, independence, and a freedom that they had never grown up to expect but which changed their lives forever. Perhaps it could be argued that without them the war could not have been won; by 1916 the military nursing services would have been unable to cope, and by 1917 may well have collapsed completely. Without these extra nurses, the medical services, already terribly understaffed, could not have continued to give the care that enabled wounded and sick soldiers to return to the ranks. For the want of a nail, the Kingdom might well have been lost.

As they waited, and prepared to go overseas, most VADs would have read, and been inspired by those words of their Commandant-in-Chief, urging them to do their duty loyally. On the back of that message was a prayer, written for them by Rachel Crowdy, the Principal Commandant in France. It read:

Written by Sue Light.  She was founder of the Scarlet Finders website and, through her painstaking research into nursing in the First World War, became a leading authority, with particular regard to nursing within the military.  Her expertise was very highly regarded, and her assistance with research into the names now etched onto our memorial was invaluable.

Roll of Honour

Previously, there had been no single, comprehensive list of World War nurses who gave their lives for their country. This Roll of Honour is therefore unique, as is the Memorial at the National Arboretum. It has been compiled by Sonja Curtis, Secretary to the Appeal, from many sources, which have then been cross-checked wherever possible.

In some cases, however, the source documents themselves may have contained errors or omissions in the spelling of names, ages, dates or other details. It is also possible that we may have missed someone. So if you have any information to add or amend in this respect, please email us:, and we will update the Roll of Honour accordingly.

The Nursing Memorial Appeal is grateful to the organisations and individuals who helped with the preparation, supply and compilation of source documents, including:

Philip Nixon, National Memorial Arboretum
Martin Edwards Roll of Honour website
Red Cross Listings
Sue Light for researching and cross-checking data
Viv Bennett - the Guildford VAD Memorial
Vic Raffles - local history researcher, Liverpool

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Adams Margaret Lamont Sister 29 14/05/1943
Adamson Annie Nurse 16/04/1918 Barbara Hallows
Adds Florence Beatrice Nurse 21/10/1918 Meredoc McMinn
Ainsworth Grace Glen Sister 29 29/10/1918 Meredoc McMinn
Airey Freda Sister 23 12/02/1944
Alexander Annie Sister 33 10/11/1918
Allen Alice Mabel Commandant 29/04/1917
Allen Annie Nurse 01/02/1919 Sean Wins
Allen Mary Ann Staff Nurse 35 05/01/1920 H C McHallam
Allom Marjorie Nurse 06/11/1918
Alpaugh Agnes Estelle Sister 26 12/10/1918
Alport ( nee Roberts) Jean Ogilvie Sister 32 03/11/1918
Alton Margaret Ann Sister 49 11/02/1944
Anderson L H M V Sister 16/02/1942 Oriel Smith
Anderson Margery Nurse 01/11/1918
Anderson Norma Jean McIvor Sister 47 24/09/1946
Anderson Frances Nurse 24 19/04/1942
Andrews Ellen Sister 32 21/03/1918
Armstrong Eleanor Sister 29 31/05/1920
Armstrong Ellen Sister 38 20/03/1919
Armstrong Sarah Jane Nurse 12/12/1918
Arnold Margaret Trevenen Nurse 31 12/03/1916
Arnott Constance Lilian Sister 43 12/02/1944
Ashley Ruth Louise Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 27 06/06/1943 J Hubbard-Ford
Astell Frances Ethel Sister 38 17/12/1917
Atkin Joyce Kathleen Sister 28 12/02/1944
Atkins Lily Adam Sister 22/11/1944
Atkinson Alice Blanche Staff Nurse 38 09/12/1916
Atkinson Winifred E de Mesnie Nurse 19 04/02/1917
Auret Jacqueline Nurse 28 07/12/1942
Austin Barbara Mary Sergeant 24 12/02/1944
Austin Doris Marion Commandant 37 09/03/1943
Avis Laura Philomena Nurse 30
Ayers Eileen Norah Sister 14/02/1942
Aylen Catherine M E Nurse 09/08/1919
Ayre-Smith Hilda Nurse 37 03/02/1916
Back Hilda Mary Nurse 54 29/04/1942
Bailey Nancy Edith Nurse 30 14/03/1943 J Hubbard-Ford
Bailey Vera Ethel Nurse 01/02/1919
Bailey Wilhelmina Nurse 23/09/1918
Bain Annie Watson Sister 30 31/05/1918
Baker Edith Agnes Staff Nurse 28 06/11/1918
Baker Margaret Sister 07/12/1942
Baker Margaret Elisa Nursing Sister 45 30/05/1919
Baker Miriam Eastman Sister 45 17/10/1918
Baldwin Dorothy Mary Yarwood Sister 26 30/05/1918
Balfour Audrey Margaret Craig Sister 38 11/02/1944
Balfour-Ogilvy Elaine Lenore Sister 30 16/02/1942
Ball Clare Janet Nurse 40 21/12/1916
Ball Catherine Nurse 28 31/12/1917
Ball Dorothy Kirker Nurse 36 17/02/1942
Barker Edith Frances Nurse 49 03/04/1918
Barker Joan Evadine Nurse 31 22/04/1942
Barlow Florence Nurse 23/10/1918
Barnes Ethel Hannah Sister 39 27/07/1923
Barnett Ettie Staff Nurse 04/04/1905
Baron Margaret Alice Nurse 28 22/10/1918
Barrett Sophie Violet Nurse 34 10/10/1918
Barry Alice Nurse 22/10/1918
Barry Anne Maud Irene Nurse 26 10/10/1918 Oriel Smith
Bartlett Bertha Nurse 23 03/11/1918
Barton Harriett Commandant 05/03/1919
Barwell Gladys May Sister 31 12/02/1944
Bateman Edith Mary Sister 41 12/02/1944
Bates Frances Mary Probationary Nurse 33 09/04/1916
Bates Lowima Mary Isabella Sister 32 14/02/1942
Bates Madeline Elsie Sister 35 22/12/1917 Oriel Smith
Baxter M A Nurse 25/01/1915
Baxter Phyllis Nurse 28 08/05/1943
Beard Alma May Sister 29 16/02/1942
Beard Eva Gladys Sister 31 14/03/1920
Beare Alice Eliza Hope 37 04/05/1941
Beare Dorothy Louise Nurse 08/06/1941
Beatty Ada Violet 27/11/1924
Beaufort Kate Nurse 21/10/1918
Beaufoy Katy Matron 49 26/02/1918
Beecher Grace Nursing Sister 49 12/02/1944
Beere Violet 24/12/1916 J Hubbard-Ford
Begg Eileen M Nurse 25/12/1941 Dr A Metcalfe & Mr I Lewis
Bell Gwladys Nurse 36 15/10/1918
Bell Marion Elizabeth Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 28 26/09/1940 Oriel Smith
Bembridge Maud Mary Hudson Sister 51 30/12/1943
Bennet Helena Stewart Staff Nurse 28 18/10/1918
Bennett Hannah Nurse 30/12/1916
Bennett Olive Louise Nurse 29 30/10/1916
Bennett Wilmet Annie Nurse 32 21/11/1918
Bentley May Nurse 30 14/02/1942
Beresford Rebecca Rose Staff Nurse 39 26/02/1918
Bernstein Dora Staff Nurse 06/11/1918
Berrie Charlotte Sister 32 08/01/1919
Bettle Hilda Maud Sister 29 07/02/1919
Bevis Eva Emily Sister 34 07/12/1942
Bicknell Louisa Annie Staff Nurse 35 25/06/1915
Bird Laurie Edna Staff Nurse 29 19/08/1919
Birkett Margaret 01/12/1914
Bishop Dorothy M 16/12/1920
Bishop Hilda Constance Marie Sister 39 18/01/1944
Black Charlotte Florence Sister 26 24/02/1942
Black Eleanor Eileen Nurse 04/06/1918
Blackburn Zinnia Commandant 02/04/1915
Blacklock Alice May Sister 30 13/08/1916
Blackman Audrey Mary Sister 28 27/11/1944 Oriel Smith
Blake Edith Staff Nurse 32 26/02/1918
Blake Margaret Swell 22/01/1918
Bleeck Mildred Jessie 29/11/1918
Blencowe Mabel Edith Sister 36 10/03/1917
Blytheway Gertrude Nurse 31/12/1917
Boehmer Geraldine Georgia Emily Sister 24 15/02/1943
Bolger Kathleen Staff Nurse 05/03/1916
Bolton Edith 05/06/1917
Bolton Grace Errol Nurse 28 16/02/1919
Bolus Mary Dorothea Kathleen Nurse 30 04/06/1918
Bond Ella Maud Sister 31 03/11/1918 Oriel Smith
Booker Ellen Mariana Commandant 22/02/1917
Booth Frances Nora Palmer Sister 39 11/04/1946
Bostock Ida M Nurse 13/08/1916
Boston Violet Sister 14/02/1942
Boue-Blandy Stella Rose Sister 32 13/01/1919
Boundy Eileen Sister 26 08/09/1943
Bousfield Mary Causton Nurse 27 24/02/1919
Bowden Marion Alexander Sister 17/01/1942
Bowes Eileen Nurse 23/10/1918
Bowser Ida Thelka Nurse 11/01/1919
Bowyer Doris Marion Sister 01/05/1946 Oriel Smith
Boyd-Roberts Sylvia Caldwell Sister 23 23/05/1944
Brace Frances Ethel Staff Nurse 30 21/09/1916
Bradshaw Alice Maud SRN 41 07/12/1942
Bradshaw Frances Maud Mary 14/01/1917
Brady Doreen Jane Sister 27 04/10/1945
Braithwaite Margaret Dorothea Nurse 40 03/03/1919 Barbara Hallows
Bramall Ethel Nurse 24 19/09/1920
Bramfitt Margaret Elizabeth Nurse 35 09/12/1918
Brand Mary Ann Sister 44 16/02/1942
Brebner Margaret Matron 57 17/02/1942
Brennan Kathleen Adele Nurse 24/11/1918 Oriel Smith
Brent Yvonne Rachel Nurse 19/10/1918
Brett Norah Veronica Staff Nurse 20/05/1915
Brewer Annie Elizabeth Nurse 47 30/01/1921
Brewis Eleanor Nurse 32 21/10/1917
Brewis Robina Emma Nurse 29 03/03/1921
Bridge Ada Joyce Sister 34 16/02/1942
Bridge Jessie 21/04/1917
Bridge Margaret Maud Sister 27 20/08/1947
Bridgford Mary Cawston Commandant 07/12/1916
Briggs Margaret Agnes Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 35 22/02/1945
Brinton M Gertrude Staff Nurse 30/10/1918
Britton Nancy Sister 36 06/02/1947
Bromwich Winifred Gladys Nurse 04/10/1918
Brooks Ruby Margaret Nurse 23 25/10/1945
Broughton Edith Dolores Nurse 09/12/1918 Oriel Smith
Brown Amy Sister 23 12/02/1944
Brown Euphemia Lucy Sister 39 19/02/1919
Brown Evelyn Gladys Nurse 28 04/05/1916
Brown Ledward (Mrs) Nurse 01/02/1917
Brown Margaret Nurse 08/10/1940
Brown Marion Sinclair Staff Nurse 35 23/10/1915
Brown Nellie Decima Nurse 02/07/1921
Brown Winifred Maud Sister 30 31/12/1917
Buckeridge Kathleen Commandant 16/10/1916
Buckingham Maude Amy Matron 42 04/12/1915
Buckler Annie Eleanor Staff Nurse 43 17/10/1918
Buckley Agnes Mary Sister 41 14/04/1944
Buckley Florence Nurse 41 26/07/1919
Bulmer Rosa Lisle Nurse 21 23/03/1917
Burgess Mary Ann Nurse 29/11/1918 H C McHallam
Burgiss Meta Nurse 31/01/1919
Burns Mavis Rita Nurse 25 13/03/1945
Burrows Isabella Sister 25 12/02/1944
Burslem Dorothy Magdalen Probationary Nurse 24 02/06/1941 Konrad A Sladeczek
Burt Mary De Burgh Sister 07/04/1916
Burtenshaw Winifred Helen Nurse 21/10/1919
Butler R B Commandant 11/05/1917
Butler Sarah Edith Sister 43 14/04/1916
Butler Susan Sister 27 16/12/1944
Buxton Alberta Nurse 25/12/1941 Dr A Metcalfe & Mr I Lewis
Bytheway Gertrude Nurse 37 31/12/1917 Oriel Smith
Callier Ethel Fannie May Chilton Sister 31 22/06/1919
Calnan Ellenor Sister 29 14/02/1942
Cameron Jessie N Nursing Sister 17/02/1942
Cameron Una Sister 31 13/09/1943
Cammack Edith Mary Staff Nurse 42 01/03/1918 Wilco Krul
Campbell Christina Sister 40 27/06/1918
Campbell Margaret Leading Aircraftswoman (Air Ambulance Nurse) 27 24/10/1944
Carew Margaret Nurse 28 03/11/1918
Carley Bessie Assistant Matron 37 26/04/1920
Carpenter Doris Marjorie Nurse 31/12/1917
Carroll Edith Katherine Sister 38 14/02/1942
Carter Edith Mary Nurse 20/12/1917
Carter Ethel Sister 31 19/02/1944
Carter Lleene Meredith Nurse 23 20/04/1917 Barbara Hallows
Carter Vera Lorance Nurse 30 09/07/1918
Cashmore Patricia Nursing Sister 38 12/02/1944
Casson Florence Rebecca Sister 38 16/02/1942 Robert Friedman
Caton Florence Massouri Sister 41 15/07/1917
Cavell Edith Matron 50 12/10/1915 Cavell Nurses' Trust
Chadwick Hilda Florence Nurse 02/11/1918
Chadwick Mabel Elizabeth Nurse 15/10/1915
Challinor Elizabeth Annie Staff Nurse 29 26/10/1918
Chalmers Isabella Nurse 51 03/09/1939
Chamberlain Louisa Charlotte Sister 33 10/08/1918 H C McHallam
Champagne Ernestine Nursing Sister 39 24/03/1919
Chandaravati G Nurse 26 12/04/1943 Oriel Smith
Chandler Dorothy Maud Sister 31 15/11/1917 Konrad A Sladeczek
Chapman Alice BRCS nursing 06/03/1919
Chapman Marion Dorothy Nurse 27 10/08/1918
Cheetham Mary Gregson Nurse 10/01/1920
Cherry Mary Ada Stopford Superintendent 54 14/02/1942
Chevallier Bernina Clementine Nurse end of 1919 or early 1920 Barbara Hallows
Cheyne Agnes McInnes Matron 13/09/1943
Chinn Lilian Edith Nurse 24/06/1917
Clare Emily Sister 28 17/10/1918
Clark Isabel Staff Nurse 30 23/10/1915
Clark Nellie Sister
Clark Wilson Jean Margaret Nursing Sister 31 12/02/1944
Clarke Mary Dorothea Sister 30 14/02/1942
Clement Nadia Mathilda Sister 07/12/1942
Clements Sarah Nurse 09/11/1919
Clewett Catherine Hilda Sister 30 14/02/1942
Clifford May Muriel Nurse 50 16/07/1942
Climie Agnes Murdoch Staff Nurse 32 30/09/1917
Clough Mary Staff Nurse 28 12/10/1916
Coats Winifred Stanley Nurse 08/02/1916
Cockburn Clarice Kathleen Staff Nurse 03/03/1919
Cockrell Nellie Ellen Nurse 24/11/1918
Cole Dorothy Helen Sister 29 24/10/1918
Cole Dorothy Mary Sister 29 13/09/1943 Anne Loch
Cole Emily Helena Sister 32 21/02/1915
Coles Daisy Kathleen Mary Nurse 24 30/09/1917
Coltman Bessie Staff Nurse 26/11/1918
Compton Florence D'Oyley Sister 29 15/01/1918
Congreve Elizabeth Sister 27 18/12/1940
Conroy K H Matron 41 14/07/1945
Consterdine Vivien Courtenay Staff Nurse 36 06/11/1918
Cooke Ella Kate Staff Nurse 35 08/09/1917
Cooper Anne Sister 38 17/11/1919
Cooper Diana Mary Nurse 25/10/1945
Cooper Diane Mary Nurse 23 25/10/1945
Cooper Frances Ellen Sister 35 26/10/1945
Cooper Mary Sister 27 26/06/1945
Cordell Bell Helen Nurse 24 25/10/1942
Corfield Agnes Beryl Sister 24 02/02/1916
Corke Hetty Sister 38 17/02/1942
Couldrey Mrs Mary Elizabeth Nurse 30/12/1917 Oriel Smith
Coulter Jane Sister 07/12/1942
Cousins Isabella Dingwall Nurse 25 16/05/1918
Coward Laura Sister 35 14/02/1942
Cox Margaret Annie Staff Nurse 35 07/02/1919
Crackenthorpe Ida Nurse 08/12/1918
Craggs Mabel Olive Nurse 20/01/1915
Crampton Alma Smyly Sister 30 20/05/1944
Creighton Veronica Margaret Staff Nurse 22 26/02/1941
Crewdson Dorothea Mary Lynette Nurse 32 12/03/1919
Cribb Cecilia Maude Sister 30 07/12/1942
Crilly Josephine Mary Nurse 36 11/11/1918
Crofton Diana Stewart Nurse 21 04/08/1944
Crofton Nora Norris Staff Nurse 30/10/1918
Crowther Lena Sister 22/10/1916
Croysdale Marjorie Sister 26 02/03/1919 J Hubbard-Ford
Cruickshank Isabella Nursing Sister 48 10/04/1917
Cruickshank Mary Kennedy Sister 27 31/03/1943
Crump Phyllis Park Nursing 03/11/1918
Cull Dorothy Coleman 08/12/1917 Barbara Hallows
Cumming Isobel Katherine Nursing Sister 40 04/02/1921
Curran Jane Simpson Annand Sister 04/10/1945
Curtess Rosamund Nurse 48 14/11/1918 Barbara Hallows
Curtis Mrs Amy Nurse 31 06/11/1918
Cuthbertson Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Sister 31 16/02/1942
Cutler Winifred Nurse 42 09/12/1942 Anne Loch
Dabner Eleanor Nurse 20 03/10/1918
Dacombe Averil Mary Nurse 23/10/1918 Barbara Hallows
Dagg Ainslie St Clair Sister 26 29/11/1918
Dalgarno Elsie Alice Sister 40 12/02/1944
Dalton Jeanie Glassford Sister 41 20/03/1916
Dalton Lois Sister 24 04/01/1945
Dalton Mary Ellen Matron 56 14/06/1946
D'Ambrosie Joan Nursing Sister 17/02/1942
Danaher Mary Staff Nurse 26 12/10/1918
Dangerfield Ivy Nurse 28/12/1918
Dann Elizabeth Doritha Sister 25 12/02/1944
Darlington Irene Elizabeth Nursing Sister 17/02/1942
Darnell Jessie Sister 25 14/10/1942
Davidson Alexandra F Nursing Sister 25 19/08/1941 H C McHallam
Davidson Ellen Frances Sister 28 25/12/1939
Davidson Janet Macfarlane Sister 29 21/12/1942
Davidson Sarah Sister 30 29/11/1941
Davies Annie Mildred Sister 33 27/10/1942
Davies Eva Martha Nurse 16/06/1918
Davies Mabel Sister 48 11/11/1942
Davies Margaret Eluned Sister 12/02/1944
Davis Lena Aloa Nursing Sister 34 21/02/1918
Davis Winnie May Nursing sister 30 19/07/1945
Dawes Alice Emily Sister 29 23/10/1918
Dawson Alice Mary Nurse 01/04/1918
Dawson Eveline Maud Matron 49 10/04/1917
De Groot Caroline Moore "Carrie" Staff Nurse Early 1920
de Mestre Margaret Augusta Nursing Sister 26 19/02/1942
Deamer( Mrs) Rebecca Nurse 06/03/1915
Dean S F Sister 47 11/11/1945
Dear Constance Annie Nurse 04/12/1918
Deere Kate Nurse 24/12/1916
Denison Florence Nurse 21/01/1917
Dervan Gertrude Sister 26 12/02/1944
Despard Amy Georgina Nurse 41 23/10/1918
Dewar Alice Whitehead Sister 28 12/02/1944
Dewar Margaret Smith Staff Nurse 12/03/1917
Dickinson Ruby Staff Nurse 32 23/06/1918
Dickson Ester Nurse 26/01/1918
Dickson Mary Charlotte Nurse 30 16/02/1917
Dickson May Sister 37 04/10/1917
Dickson Ruth Hannah Sister 54 24/12/1944
Diffey Barbara Louise Senior Sister 38 02/10/1947
Dillon Margaret Nurse 10/10/1918
Dixon Sarah Elizabeth Sister 32 24/01/1944
Doherty Mary Agnes Sister 28 05/09/1916
Dolan Mary Helen SRN 36 07/12/1942
Dold Josephine Mary Nurse 23/11/1918
Donaldson Gertrude ( Petty) Sister 26 29/07/1919
Donovan Bridget Staff Nurse 38 03/04/1916
Doran Teresa Sister 27 21/12/1942
Dorsch Millicent Hilda Marie Sister 29 14/02/1942
Douglas Carola Josephine Sister 31 27/06/1918
Dowell Mary O'Neill Nurse 26 08/10/1940
Dowling Beatrice Olivia Sister 24 12/02/1944
Downing Hilda Jessie Nurse 29 10/10/1918
Downs Sybil Bessie Nurse 11/05/1917
Drummond Irene Melville Matron 36 16/02/1942
Drummond Mary Struthers Nursing Sister 09/11/1918
Dryden Clara Martha Sister 39 12/02/1944
Duckers Margaret Ellison Staff Nurse 25 16/05/1918
Duff M D Nursing Sister 14/02/1942
Dugan Nora Nurse 34 26/07/1916
Duncan Ina May Nurse 30 03/09/1939 Avril Duncan
Duncan Isabella Lucy May Sister 45 01/03/1917 H C McHallam
Duncanson Una Marguerite Nurse VAD 25 31/12/1917
Dunlop Doreen Violet Sister 40 14/02/1942
Dunn Gertrude Eliza Staff Nurse 14/12/1918
Durell May Collier Sister 40 23/02/1944
Dussault Alexina Nursing Sister 36 27/06/1918
Dussio ( nee Levesque) Marie Cecile Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 34 02/08/1946
Earl Agnes Kerr Nurse 33 19/03/1919
Earle Elspeth Nurse 02/05/1917
Ede Dorothy Nurse 16/08/1915
Edgar Elizabeth Staff Nurse 37 26/02/1918
Edlin Mrs Mary Nurse 29/12/1917
Edmeades Constance Alexandra Sister 28 17/10/1918
Edwards Caroline Maud Sister 30/12/1915 Wilco Krul
Edwards Margaret Trainee nurse 17 23/03/1943 Margaret Edwards
Edwards Marjorie Eva May Nurse 26 04/01/1918
Egan Kathleen Nurse 24/04/1920 Pat Egan
Elgar Cicely Margaret Nurse 01/02/1919
Elliffe Margaret Sister 27 24/05/1916
Elliott Elizabeth Staff Nurse 24 27/10/1918
Elliott Leila Mabel Staff Nurse 32 02/03/1920
Elliston Evelyn Kate Nurse 05/03/2019
Elmes Dorothy Gwendoline Howard Sister 28 16/02/1942
Elvens Eliza Millicent Sister 30/12/1915 Anon
Elwes Emily Mary Nurse 19/03/1917
English Eileen Sister 27/10/1942
English Winifred 24/02/1915
Ennis Caroline Mary Sister 28 14/02/1942
Enright Nellie Josephine Flight Lieutenant (Matron) 64 23/04/1947
Erskine Margaret Muriel St John 31 14/11/1918
Essex Rosemary Nancy Sister 07/12/1942
Esson Margaret Superindendnt 39 17/02/1942
Evans Catherine "Katie" Nurse 34 16/10/1914
Evans Jane Sister 26/02/1918 Caroline Evans
Evans Mair Eluned Sister 27 07/12/1942
Evans Margaret Ellen Nurse 40 22/07/1917
Evans Margaret Mary Nurse 37 20/07/1918
Evans Mary Nurse 38 04/10/1918
Evershed Molly Sister 27 07/08/1944
Fairchild Helen Nurse 33 08/01/1918
Fairweather Lorna Florence Sister 29 16/02/1942
Faithful Florence Mary Nurse 15/01/1918
Falkner Marie Louise Nurse 01/12/1917
Fanning Theresa M Nurse 10/10/1918
Farley Martha S Matron 01/06/1918
Farmaner Peggy Everett Sister 28 16/02/1942
Farr Mrs Mabel Commandant 26/01/1917
Farrelly Mary Sister 25 12/02/1944
Farthing Marjorie Eileen Ethel Sister 02/12/1945 J Hubbard-Ford
Fawkes Olive Nurse 26/07/1916
Fearnley Ethel Staff Nurse 23/11/1914
Feeney Mildred E Nurse 08/11/1918
Ferguson Monica Machin Nurse 21/11/1918 Barbara Hallows
Ferguson Rachel Staff Nurse 31 26/06/1918
Ferris Lorna Nurse 06/03 1915
Field Dorothy Anita Sister 32 07/08/1944
Finch Daisy Winifred 48 14/02/1942
Finley Margaret Raven Sister 31 14/02/1942 Oriel Smith
Fisher Mabel Nursing 01/02/1916
Fitzgerald Catherine Mary Sister 30 12/02/1944
Fitzgerald Gladys Helen Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 35 30/12/1945
Fitzhenry Daisy Aletta Sister 01/12/1918
Flanagan May Charlotte Probationary Nurse 30 29/02/1920
Fleck Emma Sister 33 02/11/1947
Fleming Evelyn Pansy Nurse 23 29/03/1946
Fletcher Ann Veronica Staff Nurse 27 14/03/1918
Fletcher Emma Grace Nurse 26 19/11/1918
Flint Doreen Nurse 26 04/07/1918
Flint Violet Millicent Nurse 25 12/10/1918
Flintoff Alice Sister 32 09/11/1918
Florence Margaret Sister 46 12/04/1943
Flower Mrs Hannah Mary Ponfitt Nurse 09/02/1915
Follette Minnie Asenath Nursing Sister 33 27/06/1918
Forbes Beatrice Georgina Frederica Staff Nurse 12/05/1918
Forgie Mary Johnston Nursing Sister 17/02/1942
Forneri Agnes Florien Nursing Sister 37 24/04/1918
Fortescue Margaret Jane Nursing Sister 40 27/06/1918
Foskett Ethel Sister 18/06/1941
Fowler Marjorie Helen Taylor Sister 28 17/02/1942 Penny Fowler
Fox Catherine Anne Staff Nurse 38 23/10/1915
Fox Dorothy Nurse 24 06/11/1918
Foyster Ellen Lucy Sister 36 10/04/1917
Fraser Margaret Marjory Matron 34 27/06/1918 H C McHallam
Fraser Margaret Neill Nurse 08/03/1915
Frederickson Christine Sister 22 28/10/1918
Freeman Rubine Dorothy Nursing Sister 32 08/08/1945
Furlong Winifred Nurse 26/10/1918 Barbara Hallows
Gailey Laura Marion Nurse 30 24/03/1917
Gale Marjorie Eveline Sister 34 15/02/1942
Gallaher Minnie Katherine Nursing Sister 38 27/06/1918
Gannon Frances Eileen Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 42 15/03/1946
Garbutt Sarah Eileen Nursing Sister 43 20/08/1917
Gardam Dora Shirley Sister 34 04/04/1945
Gardner Annie Mary Sister 26 07/12/1942
Garlick Hilda Mary Staff Nurse 43 12/08/1917
Garn Dorothy Sister 24/10/1944
Garner Annie Edith Curtis Sister 42 12/03/1917
Gash Sarah Mabel Nurse 40 30/05/1918
Gaskell Lily Staff Nurse 31/01/1919
Gem Gertrude Nurse 01/03/1916
Gentles Agnes Althea (Mary) Sister 14/02/1942
George Dora Elizabeth Sister 09/07/1942
Gibson Marjorie Nurse 12/04/1916
Gibson Phylis Sister 31 13/09/1943
Gilbert-Hawken Ada Staff Nurse 29 28/10/1915
Gillen Gladys Nurse 10/07/1917
Giltinan Gertrude Nurse 30 19/11/1918
Gladstone Elsie Mabel Sister 32 24/01/1919
Glazebrook Hilary Margaret Sister 32 18/11/1941
Gleadow Doris Nurse 25/05/1917
Gledhill Annie Sister 43 17/10/1918
Glover Florence Gertrude Nurse 48 21/02/1920
Goddard Daisy M Nurse 02/12/1918
Goldsmith Amy Alice Victoria Staff Nurse 32 05/03/1918
Goldson Lillian Nurse 09/06/1917
Gooch Phyllis Mary Nurse 29 05/11/1918
Goodman Dorothy Nurse 25 04/04/1916
Goodman Pearl Stella Staff Nurse 33 06/03/1919
Gorbutt Martha Sister 41 28/07/1920
Gordon Agnes Nurse 01/01/1917
Gordon Elizabeth Marjorie Nurse 43 11/09/1917
Gordon Jemima Violet Sister 26/03/1947
Gore Mrs Lily Nurse 04/11/1918
Gorman Mary Staff Nurse 35 23/10/1915
Gouch P A Nurse 16/09/1944
Gould Emily Millicent Nurse 17/03/1917
Graham Marion Georgina Sister 24/04/1917
Graham Muriel Mary Nurse 07/12/1918
Grant Elsie M Nurse 19/08/1922
Grant Grace Mabel Nursing Sister 35 12/09/1915
Grant Lydia William Falconer Nurse 37 01/04/1917
Grant May Sister 02/11/1918
Gray Emily Staff Nurse 16/01/1919
Gray Mary Sutherland Brown Nurse 23/01/1916
Greatorex Janet Mary Sister 38 02/04/1916
Green Caroline Graham Nursing Sister 31 04/04/1922
Green Matilda Ethel Sister 32 09/10/1918
Green Pegi Rosamund Emyah Nurse 24 14/02/1942
Greenfield Margery Nurse 31 07/10/1945
Greenwood Minnie Nurse 34 11/01/1941 The Kennet Valley at War Trust
Grewar Gertrude Agnes Sister 24/05/1921
Grey Alice Annie Sister 21/08/1916
Gribble Kate Ellen Nursing Sister 32 08/05/1943
Griffin Lilian Staff Nurse 05/09/1916
Griffiths Janet Lois Sister 38 30/10/1915
Griffiths nee Wesley-Smith Marjorie Nurse 26 01/02/1919
Grigson Mabel Edith Sister 36 03/10/1918
Groom Dorothy Sister 27 13/09/1945
Grover Alice Jane Sister 43 06/02/1919
Grundy Marjorie Adeline Nurse 21 21/10/1919
Gubby Sallie Nurse 54 17/05/1942
Guerin Aileen Elizabeth Sheila Nurse 16/01/1945 Oriel Smith
Guillemard Phyllis Nurse 25 28/11/1916 Oriel Smith
Gurney Elizabeth Shepherd Sister 10/04/1917
Gurney Sylvia Nurse 15/12/1916 Barbara Hallows
Guy Annie Alice Nursing Sister 20/08/1916
Hackett Venice Clementina Henrietta Nurse 13/10/1918
Hadridge Esther Sister 31 21/12/1942
Haffenden Olive May Jean Sister 26/11/1943
Haines Jessie Maud Commandant 01/01/1916
Hall Barbara Lenton Sister 25 09/09/1945 Barbara Hallows
Hall Frances Mary Matron 45 07/07/1919
Hallam Alice Violet Sister 45 18/12/1916
Halligan Clarice Isobel Sister 37 16/02/1942
Hamer Ethel Nurse 01/12/1918
Handley Louisa Deputy Matron 49 03/05/1941
Hanna Bessie Maud Nursing Sister 36 05/09/1921
Hannaford Ida Durrant Staff Nurse 34 14/03/1918
Hannay Katherine Louise Nurse 62 11/04/1942
Harding Isabel Lois Nurse 22 15/02/1919
Harkness Bessie Staff Nurse 26 11/04/1919
Harris G C Nurse 17/03/1916
Harris Nancy Sister 31 16/02/1942
Harrison Winnie Alice Elizabeth Sister 24/01/1944
Harrison Winnie M Sister 03/04/1920
Hartman Emily Nurse 20/10/1918
Harvey Austice Fairfase Nurse 28/10/1918
Harvey Grace Wesslink Sister 47 12/02/1944
Haslam Edith Staff Nurse 29 02/06/1941
Hasse Margaret Helen Nurse and entertainer 31 16/10/1919
Hassell Ethel Nurse 01/02/1919
Hastings Helen Munsie Sister 38 23/07/1918
Hastings Valerie Frances Sister 12/02/1944
Haultain Helen Francis Jane Cynthia Nursing Sister 38 14/05/1943
Hawken Ada Gilbert Staff Nurse 28/10/1915
Hawley Florence Staff Nurse 29 20/06/1918
Hawley Nellie Probationary Nurse 29 31/12/1917
Hayes Gertrude Elizabeth Nursing Sister 44 15/11/1940
Hayes Gladys Mabel Nursing Assistant 20 07/09/1947
Hayman May Nurse late August 1942 Judy Parmenter
Hearns Beatrice Staff Nurse 20 20/10/1918
Heathcote Marion Joyce Nurse 21/03/1916
Hellyer Edythe Caroline Nurse 17/12/1916
Hempsted Pauline Blanche Senior Nursing Sister 36 19/03/1945
Hennan Victoria Belle Nursing Sister 31 23/10/1918
Hennessy May Staff Nurse 39 09/04/1919
Hennin Frances Edith Sister 42 28/01/1945
Henry Charlotte Edith Staff Nurse 25 26/02/1918
Henshaw Isabel Sister 50 14/06/1919
Heritage Audrey Nurse 17 31/10/1918
Hervey- Murray Agnes Joan Sister 26 14/02/1942
Hetterley Helen Charlotte Staff Nurse 26 30/05/1917
Hildyard Norma Mildred Staff Nurse 28 23/10/1915
Hill Marjorie Nurse 01/06/1915
Hilling Sophie Sister 34 12/10/1918
Hills Brenda Nurse 22 22/02/1919
Hills Maude Ellen Sister 43 22/07/1918
Hirst Dorothy Nurse 45 14/02/1942
Hobbes Florence Narrelle Jessie Sister 33 10/05/1918 Anne Loch
Hockey Jessie Olive Sister 32 14/08/1917
Hodges Constance Mary Nurse 34 22/06/1917
Hodgson Eveline Mary Sister 43 21/12/1918
Hodgson Marjorie Aizlewood Sister 38 14/02/1942
Hodgson Minnie Ivy Sister 33 16/02/1942
Hogan Ellen "Nellie" Nurse 10/10/1918
Hogan Olive Ethel Nurse 52 17/02/1942
Hogg Florence Nurse 24 31/10/1918
Holden Ruth Nurse 27 01/04/1917 Barbara Hallows
Holgate Fanny Nursing Sister 48 14/02/1942
Holleck Mary Helen Nurse 01/07/1920
Hollis Enid Kathleen Sister 07/12/1942
Hollis Kathleen Nurse 23 17/05/1919
Hollis Kathleen Mary Nurse 23 13/05/1919
Hood Margaret Ann Sister 35 07/12/1942
Hood Primrose The Viscountess Nurse 36 05/03/1919
Hook Florence Maud Louise Nursing Assistant 23 10/11/1918
Hook Sonia 27 12/02/1944
Hope Isabel Nurse 01/08/1916 Barbara Hallows
Horne Helenor Frances Morrison Sister 31 19/06/1944
Houston Jane Margaret Sister 12/12/1940
Howard Florence Gwendoline Staff Nurse 18/11/1914
Howat Margaret Janette 24 14/08/1944
Howell Dorothy May Nurse 09/01/1921 Barbara Hallows
Huffam Elizabeth C M Sister 52 03/03/1944
Hughes Gladys Corfield Sister 29 06/11/1918 Lights Out Trefonen
Hughes Gladys Laura Nursing Sister 36 31/05/1945
Humby Mary Rosina Nurse 62 02/07/1944
Humphrey Elsie M Sister 31 19/04/1920
Humphrey Muriel Christine Sister 24 12/02/1944
Hunt Margaret Linda Sister 26 27/04/1943
Hunt Myrtle Margaret Nursing Sister 28 16/01/1918
Huss Evelyn Esther Nurse 34 14/08/1944
Hussey Norah Constance St John Sister 22 14/02/1942 Oriel Smith
Hyde Kathleen Fay Mostyn Nurse 30 17/02/1942 Robert Friedman
Hyde-Lay Eluzabeth Fleming Nurse 16/01/1945
Ibbett Vivienne Mary Lindsay Nurse 25 15/09/1944 Oriel Smith
Ievers Eileen Mary Elise Matron 40 12/02/1944
Ingham Alice Ann Sister 32 14/02/1942
Ingham Sarah Louisa Nurse 28 04/04/1917
Inglis A G Nurse 03/12/1916
Ingram Edith A Nurse 31 14/08/1918 Sue McIvor
Innes Mary Private 29 21/10/1943
Innes Marie Elsie Isabel Nurse (Sergeant) 26 07/10/1945
Irwin Winifred Haviland Staff Nurse 18/11/1918
Isdell Helena Kathleen Staff Nurse 37 23/10/1915 Wilco Krul
Jack Christina Sister 35 22/10/1918
Jacques Kathleen Nurse 50 17/02/1942
Jaggard Jessie Brown Matron 44 25/09/1915
Jalaguier Elisabeth Nurse 20/09/1918
James Margaret Eileen Nurse 28 24/12/1943
James Winifred May Sister 26 08/04/1946
Jamieson Jessie Smith Staff Nurse 30 30/12/1918
Jamieson Mabel Elizabeth Staff Nurse 34 23/10/1915
Janki Amma K Nurse 30 20/05/1944
Jarman Marie Sister 25 27/04/1944
Jarvis Jessie Agnes Sister 29 23/05/1918
Jay K.Christine Sister 32 12/08/1916
Jefferson F Nurse 21/05/1917 Barbara Hallows
Jeffery Olive Susanna Hospital Sister 34 04/01/1945
Jenkins Olive Nursing Sister 28 02/12/1918 Oriel Smith
Jenner Lenna May Sister 29 12/12/1918 H C McHallam
Jervis Daphne Jervis White Nurse 19 10/01/1919 Barbara Hallows
Jewell Sarah Anne Matron 39 14/05/1943
Jinks Mary Assistant Nurse 28 29/09/1919
Job Marjorie Decima Sister 21/09/1945
Jobling Annie Sister 36 02/07/1943
John Lisle Nurse 06/05/1916
Johnson Ada Marion Sister 24/10/1916
Johnson Alice Mildred Nurse 16/11/1918 Barbara Hallows
Johnson Esther Maude Nurse 24/11/1918
Johnson Gladys Nurse 19/02/1918
Johnson Maud Louise Sister 10/07/1943
Johnston Annie Nurse 16/08/1916
Johnston Margaret Bessie Staff Nurse 30 05/09/1915
Johnston Mary Nursing Sister 34 17/02/1942
Johnston Maud Fredaline Sister 30 12/02/1944
Jollands Catherine Hannah Nurse 41 08/07/1915
Jones Ada Nurse 23 26/11/1918
Jones Beatrice Elizabeth Chief Matron 14/01/1921
Jones Beatrice Isabel Principal Matron 54 14/01/1921
Jones Dorothy May Nurse 27 10/10/1918
Jones F N Nurse 14/04/1919
Jones Gertrude Eileen Sister 31 10/04/1917
Jones Gladys Maud Nurse 27 21/08/1917
Jones Lilian Hilda Sister 32 28/10/1918
Jones Lilian Kate Nurse 35 06/06/1916
Jones Mavis Joy Sister 24 02/06/1946
Jones Olive Evelyn Infirmary Nursing Sister 43 16/04/1941
Jones Violet Maud Evelyn Principal Matron 51 14/02/1942
Jordan Louisa Jessie Sister 36 06/03/1915
Joughin Kathleen Mildred Nurse 24 28/11/1943
Jowett Mrs B Nurse 28/07/1915
Junes Fanny Irene Sprake Nurse 36 06/11/1919
Kealy Ida Lilian Sister 39 12/03/1918
Kearney I M Sister 26/09/1916
Kearon Anna Marjorie Sister 12/09/1943
Keats Ellen Louise Sister 28 16/02/1942
Keir Annie Carmichael Nurse/ Midwife 31 17/02/1942
Kells Maggie Jane Sister 32 12/02/1944
Kells Winifred Evelyn Sister 23 12/02/1944
Kelly Elizabeth Sister 03/09/1940
Kemp Christina Munro Fuller Staff Nurse 36 04/07/1918
Kemp Dorothy Sister
Kemp Elise Margaret Sister 20/10/1917
Kendall Rose Elizabeth Sister 31 26/02/1918
Kennedy Mary Ann Nurse 55 19/08/1917
Kentish Enid Margaret Nurse 22 18/08/1916
Kerr Annie Park Nursing Sister 51 07/12/1942
Kerr Janet Sister 31 16/02/1942
Kerr Mary Thomson Staff Nurse 31 17/01/1915
Ketley Annie Sylvia Sister 43 28/02/1940
King Evelyn Veronica Sister 37 14/05/1943
King Jessie Nelson Sister 26 04/04/1919
King Marie Penrose Sister 15/05/1947
Kinnear Katherine L Nurse 29 07/09/1917
Kinsella Kathleen Sister 37 14/02/1942
Kirby Ellena Fanny Sister 23 15/02/1946
Kitching Nora Nurse 45 14/02/1942
Kitt Betty Sister 25 18/03/1945
Klassen Hilda Nursing Sister 25 17/02/1942 Oriel Smith
Klindworth Florence Nurse 15/05/1916
Knight Grace Louise Sister 44 07/12/1942
Knock June Angeline Nurse 25 19/01/1942
Knox Hilda Mary Sister 33 17/02/1917
Kouwen May Jeanne Sister 31 29/05/1943
Kunhiama I Nurse 28 05/07/1943
Kynoch Alison Grace Probationary Nurse 13/07/1917
Ladkin Ellen Amelia Sister 40 11/11/1941
Ladyman Margaret Merchant Navy Nurse 49 17/09/1940
Lamb Adeline Sister 54 29/12/1941
Lambarde Bridget Aurea Nurse 29 05/03/1919
Lambert Viola Alice Assistant Matron 31 18/02/1941
Lancaster Alice Hilda Staff Nurse 35 03/06/1918
Landon Penelope Minna Nurse 17/02/1942
Langdale Mary Agnes Nurse 39 09/02/1917
Larner Bertha Nurse 29 28/10/1918
Le Blanc-Smith Beatrice Sister 31 18/02/1942
Lea Hilda Louise Staff Nurse 38 10/05/1916 Barbara Hallows
Lea Mary Sister 31 13/09/1943
Leckey Muriel Emily Sister 32 12/02/1944
Lediard Hermione Agenta Nurse 26 03/11/1918
Lee Jean Smith Nurse 26 03/03/1917 Wendy Dunlop
Leech Barbara Elizabeth Sister 27 12/02/1944 Barbara Hallows
Leeper Mildred Nurse 34 28/04/1916
Leonard Bridget Probationary Nurse 21 02/06/1941
Lever Beatrice ( Lady) Nurse 43 28/05/1917
Lewis Flossie Hamer Nurse Sister 32 22/03/1917 Cathrine Diana Lewis
Liddell Lily Nurse 36 29/09/1918
Lim Jenny Sister 14/02/1942
Lind Lily Sister 34 21/11/1916 Jane Linward
Littleton Mary Joyce Sister 26 12/02/1944
Livingstone Marjorie Josephine Sister 24 17/02/1942 H C McHallam
Llewellyn Gwynedd Violet Nurse 19 03/11/1918
Lloyd Alys Nurse 01/11/1917
Logan Grace Sister 36 14/02/1942
Loram R Nurse 31/03/1905
Lord Rosamund Nurse 04/11/1918
Low Isabella Commandant 31/10/1917
Lowbridge Harriet Sister 11/02/1943
Lowdon Marion Louisa Nurse 34 14/02/1942
Lowe Margaret A Sister 30 28/05/1918
Lowery Margaret Mary Probationary Nurse 19 02/06/1941
Lowry Ellen Carr "Paddy" Sister 17/02/1942
Lucas Lilian Mary Sister 27 15/05/1947
Lumley Corale Staff Nurse 31 25/11/1918
Lye Margery Nurse 18/01/1918 Linda McKerchar
Lynch Maureen Staff Nurse 21 02/06/1941
Lyon Esme Nurse 01/02/1915
MacBeth Margaret Ann Staff Nurse 28 30/10/1918
MacDonald Elizabeth Fraser Nurse 10/10/1918
MacDonald Gladys Sister 32 14/02/1942
MacDonald Katherine Maud Mary Sister 31 19/05/1918
MacDonald Vera Catherine Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 25 22/06/1945
MacEachen Rebecca Helen Sister 32 16/11/1918
MacFarlane Olive Lees Sister 27 13/02/1942
MacGill Mary Mitchell Matron 32 11/03/1915
Machin Dorothy Sister 31 25/07/1945
MacIntosh Rebecca Sister 25 07/03/1919
MackIntosh Isobel Sister in Charge 31 10/07/1918
Mackay Evelyn Verrall Sister 28 04/11/1918
MacKay Mary Catherine Nurse 28/06/1940
MacKay Mary Margaret Murray Sister 12/08/1944
MacKenzie Isabella Staff Nurse 33 02/11/1918
MacKinnon Mary Staff Nurse 31 26/02/1918
MacLaren Jean Noel Sister 29 12/02/1944
MacLeod Jessie Margaret Flying Officer (Nursing Sister) 39 29/04/1941
MacLeod Margaret Christine Nursing Sister 39 20/12/1919
MacLure Letitia Clarice Maud Cadet 26 24/12/1947
MacMillan Nell Sister 50 08/12/1942
MacNaughtan Sarah Broom Nurse 52 24/07/1916
MacPhail Effie Sister 30 08/11/1943
MacPhail Irene Staff Nurse 04/08/1917
MacPherson Agnes Sister 27 30/05/1918
MacPherson Kathleen Munro Nursing Sister 27 14/17 February 1942
MacRae Jessie Mary Sister 30 15/03/1944
Maddison Frances Lilian Sister 54 22/07/1945
Mahony Iza Nurse 15/04/1919 Anne Loch
Main Iris Hannah Isobel Sister 27 29/08/1943
Malcolm Jane Sister 33 01/10/1942
Maltby Phyllis May Nurse 27 06/12/1918
Manfield Constance Dorothy Sister 33 27/10/1942
Mann Agnes Grieg Staff Nurse 25 10/04/1917
Mark Hannah Dunlop Nurse 23 10/10/1918
Marley Grace Margaret Civil Probationary Nurse 23 12/10/1916
Marmion Margaret Sister 37 25/01/1919
Marnock Margaret Bella Staff Nurse 27 13/11/1918
Marshall Mary Bethia Staff Nurse 30 12/03/1917
Marsham Constance Nurse 18/11/1917
Marston Dorothy Frances Commandant 06/11/1920
Martin Gertrude M Nurse 30 19/03/1918
Martin Hilda Iris Sister 41 01/09/1941
Martin Ida Nurse 04/06/1917
Mason Fanny Staff Nurse 27 10/04/1917
Matthews Dora Nurse 30/11/1918
Matthews Norah Sister 30/08/1944
Maunsell Marian Jane "Minnie" Nurse 30 07/01/1919
Mawston Edna May Sister 32 21/12/1942
Maxwell Margaret Sister 07/12/1942
May Phyllis Nurse 19/11/1918
McAlister Clara Staff Nurse 36 10/04/1917
McAnulty Margaret Olive Nurse 27 21/10/1943
McBryde Catherine Daisy Sister 35 07/12/1942
McCay Minnie Thompson Sister 29 22/05/1944
McClelland Alice Margaret Colquhoun Sister 27 14/02/1942
McCluskey Margaret Sister 32 10/09/1943
McClymont Jeanie E Nurse 21 13/02/1919
McCombie Christian Staff Nurse 25 15/01/1919
McConachy Ethel Florence Sister 59 17/02/1942
McCrosson Philomena Mary Probationary Nurse 44 02/06/1941
McDiarmid Jessie Mabel Sister 27/06/1917
McDonald Gladys Myrtle Sister 32 14/02/1942
McDougall Agnes Nursing Sister 46 18/07/1919
McEachen Rebecca Helen Sister 32 16/11/1918
McEwin Joan Emily Nurse 29 22/11/1941
McFarlane Mary Hamilton Sister 28 14/05/1943
McGann Suzannah Josephine Sister 45 10/06/1925
McGibbon Rose Anne "Rosa" Sister 30 06/03/1919
McGinnins Mary Geraldine Nursing Sister 26 10/02/1920
McGlade Mary Eleanor Sister 39 16/06/1942
McGregor Annie Sister 33 14/02/1942
McGregor Mabel Douglas Sister 30 07/12/1942
McGrigor Louisa Anne Mary Commandant 55 31/03/1917
McIntosh Rebecca Nursing Sister 26 03/03/1919
McKay Evelyn Verrall Sister 25 04/11/1918
McKenzie Mary Agnes Sister 38 27/06/1918
McLaren Mary Susannah 2nd Lieutenant (Nurse) 27 28/08/1944
McLaughlin Elizabeth Teresa Sister 08/05/1943
McLaughlin Esther Wynn Nurse 25 11/12/1918
McLaughlin Maria Mary Nurse 21 17/12/1918
McLean Rena Maud Sister 38 27/06/1918
McMillan Marion Lennox Sister 28 12/02/1944
McMillin Ellen Sister 26/07/1942
McMullen Edith Sister 24 16/04/1941
McNally Clare Eleanor Nurse 10/10/1918
McPhail Irene Staff Nurse 38 04/08/1920
McQueen Marion ( May) Nurse 25 08/10/1918
McRae J Sister 15/03/1944
McRobbie Jessie Elizabeth Staff Nurse 32 07/11/1918
Meadows Phoebe Elizabeth Nurse 20/05/1918
Meares Ellen Caroline Nurse 44 24/02/1919
Mehaffey Eliza Jane Nursing Sister 36 18/07/1943
Meikle Catherine Staff Nurse 23 14/10/1918
Meldrum Isabel Sister 02/02/1918
Mellett Henrietta Sister 39 10/10/1918
Mew Fanny Nurse 01/01/1915
Midwood Lilian Nurse 32 31/12/1917
Miles Gladys Evelyn Frances Sister 30 23/02/1944
Millar Frances Alexander Sister 24/05/1943
Miller Anna Catherine Nurse 27 27/07/1920
Miller Catherine Cook Assistant Nurse 30 24/12/1918 H C McHallam
Miller Frances Sister 42 01/01/1918
Miller Minnie Dorothy Nurse 28 26/10/1918
Milles Maud Nurse 11/05/1917
Mills Agnes Christine Sister 45 12/02/1946
Mills Rose Lydia Nurse 01/01/1917
Milne Barbara Jean Sister 32 17/02/1942
Milne Helen Sister 31 23/11/1917
Milne Mabel Lee Sister 02/10/1917
Minshull Augusta M Sister 35 21/04/1915
Mitchell Annie Ramsay Sister 34 09/11/1943
Mitchell Janet Lockett Nurse 39 18/06/1944
Mittelheuser Pearl Beatrice Senior Nursing Sister 41 18/08/1945
Moberley Violet Nurse 45 09/11/1918
Moffatt Rose Helen Probationary Nurse 19 02/06/1941
Moir Lily Campbell Matron 49 08/02/1945
Monroe Gertrude Evelyn Sister 36 10/09/1918
Montgomery Helen Louise Sister 14/02/1942
Montgomery M E 29/10/1917
Moorby Hilda Nurse 39 08/10/1918
Moore Beatrice Rose "Trissie" Sister 32 09/12/1945
Moore Isabella Sister 33 12/02/1944
Moorhead Nora Mary Sister 13/05/1944
Moorhouse Edith Ann Sister 33 24/11/1918
Moreton Ada Staff Nurse 38 07/09/1916
Moreton Letitia Gladys Sister 26 11/11/1916
Morgan Irene Brenda Sister 36 14/12/1941
Morgan Jane Nurse 13/11/1916 Oriel Smith
Morgan Mary Sister 47 13/06/1944
Morgan Nora Young Nurse 24 28/11/1918
Morgan Sarah Sister 33 12/02/1944
Morris Dora May Sister 27 07/12/1942
Morrisey Patricia Ann Nurse 27 21/10/1943
Morrison Jean Cross Nursing Sister 17/02/1942
Mortlock Margaret Jean Nurse 24 07/10/1945
Morton Helen Nurse 23/11/1914
Moston Myrtle Mary Eileen Sister 35 14/05/1943
Mowbray Norma Violet Staff Nurse 32 21/06/1916 P Lodge
Muir Anne Wilson Sister 35 14/02/1942
Munro Annie Winifred Staff Nurse 26 06/04/1917
Munro Gertrude Evelyn Sister 36 10/09/1918
Munro Mary Frances Elizabeth Sister 29 07/09/1915
Munro Minnie Nurse 32 30/07/1917
Munro Rebecca McMurray Sister 32 30/04/1920
Murdock Alice Nurse 28 10/12/1916
Murray Lilian Nursing Sister 22 17/02/1942
Murray Mabel Staff Nurse 35 02/11/1918
Mustill Marjorie Beatrice Naomi Sister 25 01/02/1942
Myers Ann Charlotte Elizabeth Matron 53 17/02/1942
Mylchreest Alice Mona Nurse Commandant 01/09/1918
Napper Suzanna "Suze" Hospital Nurse 25 14/02/1942 Sue McIvor
Neish Annie Nurse 30 18/10/1918
Neish Annie Nurse 32 18./10/1918
Nelson I M Nursing Sister 19 17/02/1942
Neubronner Olga Mary Senior Superintendent 39 02/03/1945
Neuss Kathleen Margaret Sister 30 16/02/1942
Nichol Constance Mary Sister 22 15/08/1945
Nicholson Elizabeth Lilian Fisher Nursing Sister 53 16/04/1941
Nicol Christina Sister 34 06/02/1917
Nicol Mary Sister 14/02/1942
Nicolson Christina Margaret Sister 22 07/12/1942
Nodder Ruth Mary Nurse 33 24/05/1918
Nodwell Jane Lawder Nurse 24 19/11/1918
Nolan Margaret Sister 29 07/12/1942
Norman Caroline Mary Ambulance Sister 47 09/04/1941 Anne Loch
Nourse Grace Eleanor Boyd Sister 37 03/02/1916
Nugent Lily Staff Nurse 21/02/1918
Nuttall Phyllis Sister 33 12/02/1944
O'Brien B Sister 31/07/1945
O'Brien Moyra Staff Nurse 35 21/02/1917
O'Brien Violet Sister
O'Donnell Alice Margaret Sister 41 14/05/1943
Ogg Kate Elizabeth Nurse 32 23/02/1919
Ogilvy Lady Mabel Griselda Esther Sudley Nurse 04/11/1918
O'Gorman Eileen Mary Sister 42 20/11/1914
O'Grady Amy Vera Sister 12/08/1916
O'Grady Margaret Nurse 24 10/10/1918
O'Grady Mary Teresa Nurse 24 10/10/1918
O'Kane Rosa Staff Nurse 28 21/12/1918
O'Kell Elsie Probationary Nurse 20 02/06/1941
O'Loughlin Annie Margaret Sister 27 13/09/1943
O'Loughlin Catherine Sister 24/06/1945
Olphert Florence Balfour Nurse 15/01/1917
Orford Eleanor Frances Nurse 03/09/1917
O'Shaughnessy Julia Nurse 10/10/1918
O'Shea Mary Sister 05/01/1941
O'Sullivan Bridget Agnes Sister 30 10/02/1946
O'Sullivan Margaret May Sister 07/12/1942
Owen Eva Doreen Nurse 40 02/04/1943
Owen Margaret Alice Probationary Nurse 21 03/06/1941
Oxley Edith Mary Sister 45 12/12/1918
Padmavathi V Anna Cadet (Nursing) 11/08/1947
Page Doris Nurse 20 14/02/1917
Paget Isabella Nurse 02/05/1917
Paice Dorothy Agnes Nurse 22 26/08/1941
Painter Mollie Laura Arnaud Sister 36 05/07/1941
Parish nee Simpson Maud Nurse 01/09/1918 Barbara Hallows
Parker Elizabeth Kelly Matron 37 16/10/1916
Parker Lilian Lavinia Nurse 28 05/02/1919
Parkinson (nee Stirling) Margaret McCullough Nursing Sister 09/11/1944
Parrott Amy Maud Augusta Sister 37 24/10/1918
Parry Ada Betty Nurse 28/06/1917
Parry Olga Patricia Hilton Probationary Nurse 18 17/06/1944
Partridge Constance Harriet Staff Nurse 42 05/01/1920
Parvathi Sengamalai Cadet (Nursing) 22 15/03/1947
Paschke Olive Dorothy Matron 36 14/02/1942
Paterson Jessie Jane Staff Nurse 34 29/09/1916
Paul Chandra Rachel Cadet (Nursing) 31/07/1946
Peach Katherine Veronica Sister 30 08/06/1941
Peare Hilda Florence Letitia Anna Nurse 23 14/03/1917
Pearse Phyllis Ada Staff Nurse 28 29/04/1915 Alison Pearce
Pearson Nelly Nurse 10/06/1916
Peck Mary Nurse 31/01/1918
Pedlow Edith Doreen Sister 23 20/02/1942
Peel Helen Maud Nurse 24 31/12/1919
Penrose Esme Keene Nurse 29 24/01/1917
Penseler Lucy Nursing Sister 47 17/02/1942
Pepper Edith Dorothy Probationary Nurse 25 07/04/1918
Peters Nora Hendry Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 33 12/08/1944
Phillips Jessie Josephine Sister 28 21/03/1917
Phillips K Sister 25 26/05/1946
Piggott Norah Kathleen Sister 33 09/09/1947
Pilling Doris Ellen Probationary Nurse 24 28/03/1919 H C McHallam
Pink Marjorie Nurse 01/02/1919
Pirie Barbara Sister 30 12/02/1944
Pitt Joan Sister 07/12/1942
Plunkett Sheila Isabel Mary Nurse 31 10/10/1918
Polgreen Frances Eunice Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 31 11/05/1943
Pope Cicely Mary Leigh Nurse Sister 31 25/06/1921
Pope Helen Nurse 01/02/1915
Porter Katherine Agnes Lawrence Sister 35 16/07/1919
Porterfield Helen Sister 21/12/1942
Portingale Janet Scott Sister 32 07/12/1942
Potts Alice Amelia Nurse 50 17/11/1918
Poulter Maude
Power Kathleen Sister 28 13/08/1916
Power Mary Catherine Sister 30 10/04/1946
Powers-Peel Aileen W Nurse 31/12/1918
Prendergast- Murphy Kitty Nursing Sister 34 10/10/1942
Prest Florrie Sister 25/10/1947
Preston Doris Sister 31 02/06/1941
Preston Elizabeth Mary Weather Nurse 24 17/05/1917
Prevost Annette Maud Sister 26 19/11/1918
Price Margaret Mary Sister 26 22/04/1946
Pringle Christina Shiel Sister 39 12/06/1942
Pringle Eden Lyal Sister 24 30/05/1918
Prive Eva G Nurse 05/01/1918
Proctor Doris Jane Nurse 26 17/12/1918
Quin Ellen Winifred Sister 41 02/07/1943 P Lodge
Radcliffe Ethel Blundell Sister 45 10/03/1919
Radford Edith Nurse 36 25/10/1918
Rae Mary Helen Staff Nurse 35 23/10/1915
Rainsford Frances E Nurse 01/01/1918
Rattray Lorna Aylmer Staff Nurse 27 23/10/1915
Raymont Wilhelmina Rosalie Nursing Sister 33 08/02/1945
Read Hilda Nurse 31 18/01/1920
Read Kathleen Elsie Nursing Member 25 25/10/1942
Reddie G H Sister 14/02/1942
Reed Edith Amelia Staff Nurse 29 04/08/1921
Reed Margaret Ellen Sister 12/12/1942
Rees Ryda Nurse 32 16/11/1919 Jane Whittall
Reid Anne Campbell Staff Nurse 32 04/03/1919
Reutens (da Silva) Aurea Melinda Senior Superintendent 41 14/02/1942
Reynolds Phoebe Mary Sister 47 07/06/1923
Rhoden Eileen Elizabeth Sister 30 02/07/1943
Rhodes Amy Nurse 31 17/08/1917
Richards Ella Nurse 31 14/10/1918
Richardson Annie Gwendolin 03/01/1918
Richardson Gwen Nurse 03/10/1915
Richardson Sybil Gwendoline Sister 12/02/1944
Richardson Teresa Eden Nurse 72 01/12/1918
Ridfern Esther Nurse 12/12/1915
Ridgway Doris Alice Staff Nurse 24 06/01/1919
Riggall Louisa Blanche "Louie" 31/08/1918 P Lodge
Ritchie Jessie Staff Nurse 13/08/1916
Roberts Alexandra Mary Nurse 06/04/1916
Roberts Annie Louise Sister 28/09/1916
Roberts E Staff Nurse 12/08/1917
Roberts Jane "Jennie" Staff Nurse 30 10/04/1917
Roberts Kathleen Hugheston Nurse 32 24/02/1918
Roberts Margaret Dorothy Staff Nurse 31/12/1917
Roberts Penelope Grace Matron 31/12/1943
Roberts nee Alport Jean Ogilvie Sister 32 03/11/1918
Robertson A S Violet Nurse 29/11/1917
Robertson Helen Murray Sister 21 12/02/1944
Robinette Caroline Amelia Staff Nurse 28 30/03/1917
Robins Mary Jennette Sister 04/11/1918
Robinson Elizabeth Sister 12/07/1919
Robinson Mary Nurse 39 11/02/1918 Anne Loch
Rodwell Mary Staff Nurse 17/11/1915
Rogers Clara Sister 22 21/04/1944
Rogers Hermione Angela Nurse 22 31/12/1917 Wilco Krul
Rogers Margaret Staff Nurse 29 23/10/1915
Rogers Nellie Grace Nursing Sister 28 19/10/1918
Rolason Mary Nurse 01/10/1918
Rome Mary Elizabeth Nursing Sister 33 30.10 1918
Roper Olive Temple Nurse 38 26/11/1918
Roskell Gertrude Lucinda Nurse 50 31/10/1915
Ross Ada Janet Sister 50 12/07/1918
Ross Elsie Gertrude Matron 33 26/02/1916
Ross Isabella Clarkson Nurse 52 17/02/1942
Ross Mary Jane Colvin Matron 61 23/12/1940
Rothery Elizabeth Staff Nurse 33 15/06/1918
Row-Fogo Gertrude Nurse 08/01/1917
Rowlands Helena May Nurse 26 10/05/1919
Rowlett Olive Kathleen Nursing Sister 28 30/12/1915
Roy Louise Isabel Nurse 09/02/1919
Runton Gladys Nurse 42 01/10/1918
Russell Alice Maud Staff Nurse 05/10/1916
Russell Lavinia Joan Sister 32 14/02/1942
Russell Winifred Matron 54 14/02/1942
Rutherford Eileen Mary Sister 33 14/05/1943
Rylance Olive M Nurse 25 04/08/1918
Ryle Margaret C Nurse 23 21/02/1915
Sadler Gertrude Irene Senior Matron 04/10/1945
Sails Gladys Nurse 15/12/1917
Salmon Florence Aubin Sister 26 16/02/1942
Salvator Sister 28 08/09/1918 P Lodge
Sampson Mary Belle Nursing Sister 28 27/06/1918
Samuelson Lady Lelia Mathilda Nurse 63 18/06/1915
Sanderson Ruth Ada 36 25/11/1925
Sare Gladys Irene Nursing Sister 36 27/06/1918
Sarode K Aux Nursing Service Cadet 19 27/09/1945
Satchell Mary Sister 08/05/1945
Saunders Emily Nurse 26 01/06/1916
Saw Nellie Staff Nurse 29 31/03/1919
Saxon Ethel Staff Nurse 26 03/09/1917
Schluter Elsa Jean Morris Sister 25 18/07/1945
Schuman Marjorie Sister 31 14/02/1942
Scott Isabella Sister 33 21/08/1946
Seavell Lilian Mary Nurse 39 03/02/1941
Selfe Kathleen Nurse Sister 38 14/02/1942 H C McHallam
Sellar Olive Marian Nurse 10/05/1918
Sellors Edith Pattie Nurse 41 21/11/1918
Senior Doris Ena Sister 27 12/02/1944
Senior Mary Nurse 31/12/1917
Sentance D.M. Sister 24 26/03/1947
Sequeira R Cadet (nursing) 21 28/07/1946
Settle Florence J Nurse 37 10/09/1916
Seymour Constance Emily Mary Probationery Nurse 30 12/02/1917
Sharpe Charlotte Mary Sister 02/07/1944
Shaw Edna Alice Sister 35 14/05/1943
Shaw Evelyn Fidgeon Nurse 24/08/1918
Shaw Lena Nurse 02/03/1917
Shaw Nancy Margaret Nurse 01/12/1918
Shepherd Winifred Nurse 06/06/1917
Sheridan Helen Probationary Nurse 18 02/06/1941
Shore Florence Nightingale Sister 55 16/01/1920
Shortt Fanny Nurse 32 26/12/1918
Sillavan Lilian Nurse 30 01/10/1918
Sim Agnes Moore Sister 14/02/1942
Simmons Kathleen 29/12/1918
Simpson Elizabeth Nurse 23 10/05/1917
Sims Carmen Nurse 21 14/02/1942
Singleton Irene Ada Nursing Sister 36 20/02/1945
Slann Hilda Rose Sister 54 05/10/1943
Smale Florence Emily Nurse 25 13/10/1915 Oriel Smith
Smetzer Joan Barbara Nursing Member 31 08/05/1944
Smith Constance Staff Nurse 26/01/1920
Smith Dorothy Mildred Matron 44 20/01/1945 H C McHallam
Smith Dorothy Winifred Nurse 26 18/09/1940
Smith Elsie Mary Nursing Sister 44 17/02/1942
Smith Frances Elizabeth Staff Nurse 42 01/07/1918 Oriel Smith
Smith Jeanie McPherson Barclay Sister 42 28/04/1916
Smith Jessie Sanderson Lowrie Sister 27 27/07/1947
Smith Mabel Elizabeth Nurse 07/11/1918
Smith Margaret Nurse 44 16/08/1917 Robert Smith
Smith Marjorie Sister 30 12/02/1944
Smith Marjory Mary Moore Nurse 42 25/12/1941 Dr A Metcalfe & Mr I Lewis
Smith Susie Marie Colbourn Staff Nurse 37 12/02/1916
Smithies Ettie Louise Staff Nurse 42 22/02/1919
Smith-Lee Jeannie Nurse 25 30/03/1917 Helen Dunlop
Smyth Patricia Gladys Matron 35 14/03/1919
Snargo Madeline Nurse 48 25/03/1919
Snelling Gertrude Nurse 23/12/1917
Snow Edith Nurse 09/01/1918
Somerville Gladys Mary Wavish Sister Colonial Service 40 14/02/1942
Spafford Frances Winnifred Lieutenant (Nursing Sister) 27 08/03/1941
Sparks Letitia Nursing Sister 38 20/08/1917
Spedding Vera Venitia Sister 30 20/02/1940
Spellen Eileen Margaret Sister 26 05/11/1944
Spence Isobel Sister 22 12/02/1944
Spindler Nellie Staff Nurse 26 21/08/1917 Christine Hallett & Keith Brindle
Squire Dorothy Jeannette Nurse 40 22/10/1918
St John Barbara Esmee Nurse 25 12/10/1916
Stacey Dorothy Louise Staff Nurse 25 05/10/1918
Stafford Diana Evelyn Nurse 25 17/02/1942
Stafford Mary Florence Staff Nurse 27 19/03/1919
Stalker Margaret Brown Sister 34 18/01/1921
Stallard Alice May Nurse 25 14/07/1918
Stamers Anna Irene Nursing Sister 30 27/06/1918
Stanley Ada Staff Nurse 46 22/12/1915
Starling Winifred Sister 10/10/1918
Staunton Eva Matron 14/02/1942
Steell Constance Muriel Nurse 20/03/1917
Stephenson Gertrude Annie Sister 42 25/03/1918
Stephenson Mary Sylvia Nurse VAD 09/11/1918
Stevens Lottie Mabel Staff Nurse 15/03/1916
Stevenson Mary Kennedy Nurse 22 07/06/1945
Stewart Christine Nurse 26/10/1918
Stewart Elizabeth Matron 31 23/10/1917
Stewart Elizabeth Grace Staff Nurse 27 15/02/1916
Stewart Esther Sarah Jane Sister 37 16/02/1942
Stewart Kathleen Sinclair Matron 18/10/1918
Stewart Wilma Bridges Staff Nurse 10/07/1918
Stirling Lydia Nurse 02/12/1917
Strachan Elizabeth Sister 17/02/1942
Stratford Dorothy Muriel Sister 32 07/12/1942
Stringer Olga Nurse 50 17/02/1942
Sturt Kate Rosina Staff Nurse 28 13/12/1916
Sullivan Nancy Sister 40 14/02/1942
Sutcliffe Zoe Nurse 01/03/1919
Sutherisanam Arivannandam Sister 17/02/1942
Sutherland Barbara Munro Sister 31 07/12/1942
Sutherland Bessie Gray Sister 43 26/09/1915
Swain Lucy Melton Staff Sister 31/08/1915
Swan Ethel Nurse 28/02/1916
Swanston Doris Helen Nurse 28/02/1919
Swift Mary Dulcibel Nursing Sister 59 28/12/1944
Syam G A Nurse 31 06/11/1943
Symonds Lorna Sybil Sister 14/02/1942 MID
Tait Mona Margaret Anderson Sister 27 16/02/1942
Tapsell Kathleen Mary Nurse 20 03/11/1918
Tate Ethel Mary 28/12/1915
Taylor Edith Infirmary Nursing Sister 55 16/04/1941
Taylor Edith Elizabeth Nurse 47 05/06/1917 Wilco Krul
Taylor Ethel Lucy Nurse 26 28/11/1918
Taylor Gertrude Annie Nurse 12/12/1916
Taylor Helen Nurse 23/11/1918 Bridlington Rotary Club
Taylor Helen Batchelor Nurse 15/11/1915
Taylor Katherine Mary Monica Sister 33 12/02/1944
Taylor Nellie Nurse 30 27/06/1918
Teggin Eugenie Elizabeth Staff Nurse 28 25/12/1918
Templeman Jean Nursing Sister 33 27/06/1918
Thomas Blanche Jane Barrow Nurse 01/12/1917
Thomas Jane Mair George Sister 12/02/1944
Thomas Lilian Staff Nurse 27 14/08/1918
Thomas Margaret Evans Staff Nurse 28 08/11/1918
Thompson Ada Mildred Staff Nurse 33 01/01/1919
Thompson H Dorothy M Nurse 22/07/1918
Thompson Kathleen Elizabeth Nurse 26 27/10/1919
Thompson Margaret Hepple Staff Nurse 36 28/02/1921
Thompson Minnie Bailey Staff Nurse 45 18/09/1914
Thomson Elizabeth "Bessie" Nurse 38 30/09/1917
Thomson Elizabeth McDonald Sister 10/12/1945
Thomson Elizabeth Robertson Sister 36 26/10/1918 Madeleine Thomson
Thomson J Y Nurse 20 17/02/1942
Thoren Millicent Olive de Satgede Nurse 16/10/1917
Tichborne Muriel Edith Forde Nurse 29 24/10/1918
Tindall Fanny Sister 43 15/01/1918
Tindall Mary Nurse 37 20/09/1917
Todd Florence Nurse 28/02/1916
Tombs Dorothy Helen Sister 17/02/1942 P Lodge
Tomlinson Phyllis Sister 26 06/07/1943
Tonge Mary Isobel Sister 32 13/10/1942
Toohey Kathleen Sister 07/12/1942
Toon Gertrude Lilian Sister 24 23/10/1943
Tough Elizabeth Nurse 41 10/06/1917
Toughill Caroline M Nurse 20 14/11/1915
Toughill Caroline M F R Nurse 14/11/1915
Townsend Martha Staff Nurse 32 21/09/1918
Tredaway Eva Nurse 32 10/11/1941
Trennery Annie Merle Sister 32 14/02/1942
Trevethan Rita Staff Nurse 49 04/09/1917
Trollope Jessie Nurse 55 28/03/1917 Barbara Hallows
Truman Lilian Sarah Sister 46 10/10/1945
Trusdale Alice Louise Nursing Sister 27 12/09/1919
Try Eileen Mary Nursing Sister 44 17/02/1942
Tubman Esther Maude Staff Nurse 31 18/09/1918
Tucker Mary J Nurse 01/02/1916
Tudor Hettie Annie Sister 07/12/1942
Tulloch Edith Sarah Staff Nurse 33 08/10/1918
Tupper Adruenna Alan Sister 46 09/12/1916
Turner Edith Florence Nurse 32 04/09/1943
Turrell Jessie Dunsmore 41 14/02/1942
Turton Alice Mary Staff Nurse 36 07/05/1917 Oriel Smith
Twining M G Nurse 27/07/1919
Twist Dorothy Pearson Nurse 29 26/09/1918
Tyson Doris Probationary nurse 19 02/06/1941
Tyson Fanny Isobel Catherine Sister 28 20/04/1919
Underwood Elsie Janet Nurse 33 21/10/1918
Urquhart Mary Annie Ross Sister 31 12/02/1944 Christine Umbers SRN
Van Keddt Margaret Nursing Sister 14/05/1942
Van Praag Walburg R L M T Auxiliary Nurse 45 14/02/1942
Vaughan Elsie May Nurse 07/02/1919
Vause Doreen Sister 25 28/06/1947
Vecht Rosa Nurse 33 23/01/1915
Vian Sylvia Helen Sister 16/10/1941
Vinter Bertha Staff Nurse 30/05/1918
Wake Gladys Maud Mary Nursing Sister 34 21/05/1918
Wakefield Jessie Emily Sister 39 07/02/1919
Walford Camma Nurse 01/04/1917
Walker Jean Miles Matron 39 30/10/1918
Walker Jenny Wendy Nursing Sister 24 14/05/1943
Walker Kathleen Hewison Sister 24 12/02/1944 Eileen S Coulter & T Smith
Walker Sara Nurse 34 09/10/1918
Wallace Agnes H Nurse 25 17/09/1940 Marcia Brocklebank
Wallace Elizabeth "Lillie" Staff Nurse 39 06/06/1916
Walls Emma Nurse 05/08/1917
Walsh Margaret Mary Leading Aircraftswoman 33 28/04/1945 Rosamond Allardyce
Walsh Sara Nurse 19/04/1919
Walshe M A Staff Nurse 21/08/2015
Walters Joyce Sister 38 27/10/1942
Wardle Ida Staff Nurse 34 13/10/1918
Warnock Elizabeth McMath "Daisy" Nurse 31 05/05/1918
Warren Florence Jane Nurse 41 08/11/1918
Warwick Roberta Alice Sister 40 12/02/1944 Jennifer Washington
Waters Gladys Sister 31 07/12/1942
Watkins J K Staff Nurse 21/10/1918
Watson Beatrice Middleton Staff Nurse 34 02/06/1916
Watson Dorothy Mortimer Staff Nurse 27 13/03/1917
Watson Elizabeth Harvey Staff Nurse 30 05/11/1918
Watson Elizabeth Hay Sister 38 25/05/1944
Watson Mary Staff Nurse 32 06/11/1918
Watts-Carter Millicent Daisy "Molly" Nurse 27/08/1945
Waugh Mabel May Matron 50 17/03/1942
Way Nancy W E Nursing Sister 32 07/04/1945
Wearmouth Olive Nurse 22 14/07/1918
Welford Alice Sister 30 15/01/1918
Wells Brenda Irene Sister 32 14/02/1942
Wells Harriet Louise Sister 21/08/1915
West Cecily Lucy May Matron 51 14/02/1942
Westaway Norah Kathleen Matron 51 14/03/1946
Westgate Marion Mercedes Flying Officer (Nursing Sister) 26 27/10/1943
Westwell May Assistant Administrator 30 10/10/1918
Wetheritt Emilie Nurse 03/05/1917 Oriel Smith
Wheatley Annie Sister 48 01/08/1919
Wheeler Grace Alice Nurse 13/03/1921
Wheelock Lilian Maria Ethel Sister 28 07/12/1942
Whishaw Mabel Helen Sister 35 10/11/1918
Whitaker Mafalda Selene Sister 27 12/02/1944
White Dorothy Mary Nurse 21 07/06/1915
White Gwendoline May Sister 27 12/02/1944
White Katherine Frances Mary Sister 36 07/12/1942
White Margaret Florence Nurse 23 23/01/1945
Whitehead May Sister 49 02/07/1943
Whitely Anna Elizabeth Nursing Sister 46 21/04/1918
Whittington Mary Nurse 01/10/1916
Wight Rosetta Joan Sister 33 16/02/1942
Wildash Frances Nurse 01/01/1917
Wilde May Nursing Sister 33 17/02/1942
Wilder Augusta Mary Nurse 23 11/08/1918
Wilkie Agnes Wightman Nursing Sister 30 14/10/1942
Wilkins Frances Nurse 20/01/1918
Wilkinson Phyllis Mary Principal Matron 29/11/1944
Willey Olive Jane Nurse 22 11/06/1918
Williams Blodwyn Elizabeth Sister 38 24/05/1920
Williams Catherine Staff Nurse 38 04/08/1919
Williams Ellen Myfanwy Nurse 26 19/01/1915
Williams Hilda Grace Nurse 26 04/01/1919
Williams Irene Nurse 34 16/05/1917
Williams Jennie Nurse 45 31/01/1919
Williamson Mary G Nurse 11/10/1918
Willis Annie Amelia Sister 33 12/02/1944
Willis Florence Amelia Sister 42 15/12/1919
Wills Hylda Beatrice Sister 28 02/04/1944
Wills Mary Elizabeth Staff Nurse 33 30/03/1918
Willson Nellie Staff Nurse 30 16/10/1918
Wilmott Bessie Sister 28 16/02/1942
Wilson Annie Sister 27 05/11/1918
Wilson Christina Murdoch Sister 42 01/03/1916
Wilson Edith Mary Sister 37 14/02/1942
Wilson Margaret Mary Isoline Sister 40 25/08/1942
Wilson Myrtle Elizabeth Sister 38 23/12/1915
Wilton Mary Nurse
Wilton Mona Margaret Sister 28 14/02/1942
Winchester Julia Nurse 28/03/1915
Wingate Adeline Rita Sister 07/12/1942
Witchalls Sophie Olive Nurse 50 10/10/1940
Wolseley-Lewis Ann Nursing Sister 30 12/02/1944
Wood Margaret Nurse 05/01/1915
Wood Winifred Mary Fry Sister 25 07/12/1942
Wooderson Winifred Vera Sister 31 27/05/1947
Woodhead Margery Sister 30 17/05/1942
Woodhouse Mary Sister 37 07/12/1942
Woodley Ada Ann Sister 32 10/01/1918
Woollacott Edith Nurse 29/11/1916
Worledge Mildred E Nurse 29 22/12/1917 Barbara Hallows
Wort Constance Doterel Mary Sister 33 01/05/1945
Wren Patricia Sister 34 03/07/1945
Wright Amelia Beatrice Nurse 08/01/1919
Wright Hannah Elizabeth Staff Nurse 22 22/10/1918
Wright Irene Sister 14/02/1942
Wright Janie Beryl Sister 32 08/07/1944
Wright Rose Nurse 01/12/1915
Wright Vera Joyce Nursing Sister 38 17/02/1942
Wyllie Doris Joyce Nurse 26 14/05/1943
Yeoman Eva Dorothy Nurse 50 13/02/1918
Young Ada Elizabeth Nurse 33 15/07/1918
Young Eleanor Jane M Sister 27 12/02/1944 Dickon Bowden
Young Margaret Cameron Nurse 25 30/07/1918
Young Mary Ann Eliza Nurse 35 13/02/1919

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